Reporting Solutions Overview


DSTi’s Reporting Solutions offers the facility to run standard and ad-hoc reports using a wide range of parameters.
Reports may be run on-line or stored as batch tasks to be run at a later occasion. Users can choose to view reports on-line, print the output or do both.

Management information produced encompass:
•          Exception reporting
•          Structure maintenance
•          Billing and re-billing
•          Debt management
•          Cash receipting
•          Parameters, codes and tables
•          System administration
•          Meter readings

The solutions also offer the facility to generate ad-hoc reports without affecting the performance of the system. This is achieved by providing a separate stand-alone database, whose data is periodically updated and refreshed from the main system. Its main objective is to provide instant, on-demand reports through a dedicated architecture and database design.

Key features include:
Database designed for reporting efficiency
Integration with third-party reporting tools
Feeds into the corporate datawarehouse

Simplified navigation
More intuitive analysis
Field names more intuitive for non-technical users
Continuous upload of data
Improved reporting speed
Document Management Solutions key features

Standard Bureau Printing
HiAffinity has the capability of building document and letter templates within the system for those utilities who wish to manage all customer communications in-house. At the end of a process, a print request could be created and queued for batch printing.
This standard bureau facility also includes a general bill format, which could be customised and utilised from day one.

Output Management Solutions
For targeted colour communications, in electronic or print format, DSTi offers a sophisticated print and mail facility. We plan, design, and create statements, invoices, client reports and direct mail through a variety of channels such as mail, email and the Internet. We provide this service to allow the company to focus on their core business.
Support & Consultancy

As part of our commitment to delivering the very best support services, we offer an integrated, web-based Customer Centre as our primary channel for customer communication. Clients share and track the information used by our support consultants via their own dedicated portals. The information is updated in real-time to enable clients to monitor progress intra-day.
Product-centric documentation such as release notes and white papers is available for clients to browse at their convenience. They can also share views and opinions with other users via our discussion forums.