RFP for Development of a Home Energy Assessment Tool – Ontario; Closing date January 12, 2011


Country: Toronto, Ontario

Product/Service: This RFP is an invitation to prospective Proponents to submit Proposals for the acquisition and/or development, testing and implementation of a home energy assessment tool (the “Tool”) for inclusion in the delivery of the 2011-2014 Residential CDM Program. The online self-assessment Tool will enable LDCs’ residential customers to understand their home’s energy saving opportunities by analyzing their gas and electricity consumption and will recommend strategies for reducing their consumption or changes to use patterns that would benefit the LDC customer. This will be accomplished by customers answering questions about their home, the equipment in it, and their usage patterns and their personal behaviours. The data entered by the LDC customer may be printed for reference, or saved upon consent, and this information made available to the LDC for target marketing purposes and to further enhance the LDC’s understanding of their customer base and behaviours. Use of the Tool is not limited to direct LDC customers, as multi residential tenants and renters can also use the Tool.

Type: RFP
Closing Date
: January 12, 2011
: TRAD 1904