RFP for supply and installation of smart meters – Montenegro; Closing date November 25, 2010


Country: Podgorica, Montenegro

: The proposed EUR 43.5 million Project to be funded by a EUR 35 million EBRD loan, together EUR 8.5 million from EPCG own funds, forms part of EPCG’s overall investment plan for its distribution network. The Project has five main components:

(1) The supply of smart meters and data concentrators for internal control points in the transformer substations (10kV/0.4 kV) and for residential consumers; (2) Installation of meters and supply of associated ancillary equipment for the LV network, with remote reading and remote disconnection capabilities; (3) ancillary equipment including modems, meter boxes, cabling, and other auxiliary equipment necessary for the installation and operation of the meters in substations. (4) the PIU consultants (the subject of this procurement); (5) Software and meter management system.

Type: RFP
Closing Date
: November 25, 2010
: TRAD 1897