Rhizone and Intellot helping distributors save time and money with wireless vehicle tracking system.


Today most vehicle tracking is handled manually onpaper or with handheld computers. The main problems with these methods is that there can be delays of up to several days before data is available to the main system, making it impossible to accurately monitor a vehicle in real-time. Secondly, it is a very cumbersome task to inventory each vehicle individually when you have 500 to 2000 vehicles in a lot, to determine when the vehicle arrived, when it left the lot or even if it was stolen.

RFID car tracking solution

Intellot’s VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) is based on Wavenis UHF RFID tags, readers, and range
extenders from Coronis, a standard Lantronix Internet gateway (connected to the RFID readers via a standard serial port), and control software developed by AWS. By equipping vehicles with a long-range UHF RFID tag, and installing RFID readers at key places in the delivery circuit, logistics managers can accurately track their resources without having to physically go out into the field. The readers flag vehicles as they pass, such as upon exit from the stockyard and arrival at the dealership. E-mail and reports are generated automatically, allowing analysts to be informed of vehicle status at any time. Furthermore, the system generates constant real-time location and historical data for each vehicle as it travels from point A to point B in off-line yard and lot areas.
The other part of the system provides ongoing information that is beneficial for dealers and has serious
financial impact. Intellot can pinpoint the location of any Wavenis RFID-equipped vehicle on a lot. This saves significant time when people need to access a vehicle.
The tracking system reports on vehicle activity while at a dealership, such as whether or not it was taken for a test drive during a specified period of time or stolen.

Wavenis wireless solution put to the test

Even with interference from metallic structures, car bodies, and heat, Wavenis provides connections up to several hundred feet, unlike other RFID technologies, which fall far short of this mark. By utilizing Wavenis’s meshing capability, readers can communicate with one another and be deployed throughout a lot covering several square kilometers.


• Deployed at 1/10th the price of traditional readers
• Systems running in 30 minutes w/o site survey
• Range over 300 ft, battery life over 5 years
• Monitor entire lots for a few dollars/month

Customer testimonial

“Intellot brings expertise together to solve an old problem and bring new value added services. It is easy to deploy and leverages know-how of the automobile industry, web application development, remote monitoring, and wireless technology. Wavenis is the only wireless technology that offers the flexibility to meet all the requirements for vehicle monitoring. By getting information in real-time, car manufacturers and distributors have a lot to gain by using Intellot’s VTS.”
Jeff Braid, President, Rhizone