Rise in electricity bills upsets business owners

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Kingston, Jamaica — (METERING.COM) — July 5, 2006 – 200% in two years – these figures reflect a dramatic increase in electricity prices currently effective in the Kingston area of Jamaica – and reprieve seems a far cry for business owners who worry that the price hike could cripple their operations.

In a sample area of Kingston, three business’s electricity bills were analyzed and an overall increase of 66 percent per square foot was noticeable. Seeking answers, those who have attempted to contact the power provider, Jamaica Public Service Company, have been met with a decline to comment. As a result these business owners have bound together and have lodged a formal complaint with the provider.

Jamaica experiences much higher electricity rates than other energy dependent country, including regional competitors and the USA. Coupled with this, the direct effect of the cost of oil is felt directly by the consumer.