RWE grid business realigned, to be renamed ‘Amprion’

Klaus Kleinekorte

Klaus Kleinekorte,
Technical Managing
Director of RWE
Transportnetz Strom.

RWE has realigned its transmission grid company RWE Transportnetz Strom and will rename it ‘Amprion’ in order to allow it to become even more independent in future. With immediate effect, it was announced that the ultra-highvoltage grid will be managed directly by the CEO’s division. The expansion of the company to become a fully functional enterprise that has its own workforce to fulfil operationally necessary tasks, as required by the EU, is already underway.

As of 1 September 2009, the company will be named “Amprion”. This step allows RWE to fulfil the requirements set down in the third EU single energy market package that gained final approval just recently. “The new name stands for the independent nature of our ultra-high-voltage grid. Amprion means strength, reliable power transmission and transparency. Each and every customer will continue to have non-discriminatory grid access. RWE is committed to this approach and this is why we are fully implementing the Third Way,” said Juergen Grossmann, CEO of RWE AG.

The new company with 850 employees is headquartered in Dortmund and is planning to invest more than €3billion (US$4.2billion) in grid expansion over the next ten years. “Our mission is to ensure security of supply for Germany and Europe at the highest level possible. This is a huge challenge, especially in view of the integration of renewables,” said Hans-Juergen Brick, Commercial Managing Director of RWE Transportnetz Strom. “By building 800km of new lines, also towards Belgium and the Netherlands, we are setting the scene for even more competition on Europe’s power markets. Our grid is the hub for European power trading,” emphasised Klaus Kleinekorte, Technical Managing Director of RWE Transportnetz Strom.

RWE said the name “Amprion” represents a combination of “Ampere” and “Vision”. The new company said it was ready for the massive expansion of the power grid; this is also reflected in the company’s name as the Latin “amplus” means “far” or “extensive”. “Amprion” is as multi-facetted as the company itself.