Saft to supply primary lithium battery packs for Atral’s Daitem wireless alarm systems

Paris, November 21, 2006 – Saft, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end batteries for professional applications, is gearing up production at its Poitiers facility in France to fulfil a multi-million, three-year contract to supply customised primary lithium battery packs for Atral, the leading European manufacturer of wireless alarm systems.

The Saft battery packs will provide five years of reliable, maintenance-free, fully autonomous power for Atral’s flagship brand Daitem cordless and wireless building alarm systems. Atral’s Daitem range, launched in 2001, is distributed exclusively via professional security installers and is targeted at residential as well as commercial buildings such as hotels, museums, offices and so on.

The main element of Saft’s contract is to manufacture customised battery packs, comprising its LSH series lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) cylindrical cells in a variety of sizes and capacities, to provide the prime, mains-free, source of power for various elements of the alarm system such as the control panel and motion sensors.

Even if burglars cut the main telephone line, the GSM transmitter, powered by a Saft battery pack, will still be able to raise the alarm. Saft will also supply a smaller number of battery packs for Atral’s Logisty electrical equipment retailer brand.

Both the Daitem and Logisty battery packs will be assembled into robust, hard plastic casings on a new dedicated, automated production line currently being commissioned at Poitiers. Jacques Husser, Sales and Marketing General Manager of Atral said: “Our alarm systems come with a five-year guarantee.

So it is absolutely vital that we can have complete confidence in the reliability and performance of the batteries. We have used Saft LS battery packs for over three years now and we knew we could rely on their consistent quality of production and high level of quality assurance.

This latest, long-term, contract takes the relationship to a new level in which we are working more closely, as partners rather than a customer and supplier. We have been impressed both by the detailed technical support provided by Saft and the flexibility they have demonstrated in setting up a dedicated production facility to ensure that we can receive volume supply at competitive prices.”

Li-SOCl2 technology Saft LS series Li-SOCl2 cylindrical cells are designed specifically for professional electronic applications such as alarm systems and come in a range of sizes from 1/2AA up to D . They have an operating voltage greater than 3 V, can operate in extreme temperatures from -60°C to +85°C, and are high-pulse optimized and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) recognised.

The cells are non-pressurised at room temperature, feature a non-flammable electrolyte, corrosion-proof hermetically sealed containers and incorporate safety vents and fuses. Furthermore, Saft LS cells have a low self-discharge rate – less than one per cent after one year of storage at +20°C.

For Atral’s Daitem alarms, Saft is supplying a variety of packs including : pack of two LSH20 cells (nominal 13 Ah capacity), pack of two LS14500 cells ( nominal 2.45 Ah capacity), pack of one LS14500 cell and a pack of two LS33600C cells (nominal 18.5 Ah capacity ).

For the Logisty alarms, Saft is supplying one pack comprising two LSH14 cells (nominal 5.5 Ah capacity) . About Atral Atral , part of the Hager Group, is the leading European manufacturer of wireless alarms. As early as 1989, Atral invented the totally wireless alarm system incorporating battery-operated products with radio communication.

Ten years later, TwinPass technology, based on ultra-reliable transmission and fitted with an anti-tamper system, became a leading security technology With over 20 years of experience in the protection world, Atral has been able to test and prove all of its equipment in a whole range of situations.

To take into account the specific needs of each type of user, Atral has developed specific ranges for individuals and professionals. The 700,000 systems already installed are proof of the trust placed in Atral’s cutting-edge, ultra-reliable technology, equipment and services.

About Saft Saft (Saft: Euronext) is a world specialist in the design and manufacture of high-tech batteries for industry. Saft batteries are used in high performance applications such as industrial infrastructure and processes, transportation, space and defence. Saft is the world’s leading manufacturer of nickel-cadmium batteries for industrial applications and of primary lithium batteries for a wide range of end markets.

The group is also the European leader for specialised advanced technologies for the defence and space industries. With approximately 3,800 employees worldwide, Saft is present in 18 countries. Its 18 manufacturing sites and extensive sales network enable the group to serve its customers worldwide." For more information, visit Saft at Press contacts: Antoine Brenier, Saft Specialty Battery Group Tel: +33 1 49 93 19 18 Jill Ledger, Saft Communications Director Tel: + 33 1 49 93 17 77;