Sagem Communications becomes Sagemcom


The decision to make this change comes through the Group’s determination to embark on the next stage in its development that will take it forward for many years to come.

The new Sagemcom brand is emblematic of the Group’s positioning, echoes its history and firmly places it for its future dynamic of independence and growth.

Sagemcom ambitions, a year and half after leaving the Safran Group, remain unchanged: to become a world leader in high added value communicating terminals. Sagemcom is active in three markets: broadband, energy and telecoms, and printing.

This new identity restores the harmony between the Group and its brand name, which will be rolled out for all the Group’s products. It will re-establish a coherence and legibility across all its markets and thus have a positive impact for the future growth of Sagemcom.

“Sagemcom symbolises the start of a new phase in our history, adding increased value to what makes us special and the expertise that is our strength. At the same time we will also be retaining what is the essence of our identity, without creating confusion for our customers”, as Patrick Sévian, CEO of Sagemcom, explained.

The rolling out of this new identity will take place gradually up to the end of the year.

The website and all the Group’s products will thus be brought into line with the Sagemcom graphic chart. The change in the company’s legal name is set to take place as of the beginning of 2010.

This new identity also provides an opportunity to reaffirm the development plan that is going to take the Group forward over the coming years.