Series 400


Power quality issues can cause PC and Server Crashes, premature failures, equipment downtime,  loss of power due to circuit breaker trips as well as overheating of cables or transformers.

Installing a network connected Series 400 EC430025 Power Quality Analyser, in buildings where power quality is critical, will  allow the viewing of Power Quality Analysis results over your local data network or from anywhere in the world using an Internet connected PC.

Series 400 EC430025 offers:

  • Harmonic monitoring to 50th Harmonic.
  • EN50160 graphical analysis.
  • Embedded Web server .
  • Ethernet or RS485 Modbus communications.
  • Detection of Flicker, Sags & Swells.
  • Detection of transients, interruptions and inrush.

Other models in the Series 400 range of meters also offer a very wide range of functions and communications facilities.