Meter Reading: Services for reading meters remotely using GSM/GPRS and physically using Meter Reading Instrument (MRI).

Bureau Service: This is a service offered to consumers with a large connected load of electricity from single or multiple sources, and want to optimise their usage. Consumers who might benefit from this service are HT and LT 3 phase consumers like factories, hotels, commercial establishments, etc.

Energy Audit: Energy accounting and audit services are provided for the whole or any part of the transmission and distribution network.

  • Energy accounting & audit for the transmission system
  • Energy accounting & audit for the distribution system, including end consumers
  • Loss diagnostic studies based on an audit to assess loss levels and consumption by category for a utility as a whole, using statistical methods

Energy accounting is needed in power systems to account for energy input, output and loss. Energy audit segregates the loss into technical and non-technical components, thereby analysing the possible causes of losses.

Metering System Installation: Installation services offered by us include material handling, erection and commissioning of 1 phase and 3 phase consumer meters, all meters at grid substations, distribution substations and DTs including erection & commissioning of associated CTs/PTs.

Installation and commission also includes installation of Communication systems for Remote Meter Reading (RMR), and Data Acquisition Systems using LPR (Low Power Radio), PSTN/ GSM/GPRS Modems & VSAT technologies.

Consumer Indexing: This is a service for documenting the assets and consumers for any part or whole of an electrical distribution system. This service is also referred to as Consumer Indexing.