Short Distance RF Wireless Remote Meter Control System



This system provides another possible AMR solution for the power system provider by adopting low power, low cost wireless radio frequency technology to build a mesh netwrok to fulfil realtime reading and meter control. In addition, it can be easily extended to become an information carrier for gas meter, water meter, home alarming unit and home smart control device to remotely read gas and water data, report alarming information and control home facilities etc.


This system includes RF meters (single phase, polyphase), RF router, RF concentrator and remote data control center server.


Short Distance RF Wireless Table


Short Distance RF Wireless Remote Meter Control System


  • Communication: Accurate and reliable communicationby transmission confirmation and transmission repetition.
  • Communication security: High data security by adopting AES-128 data encryption algorithm.
  • Network capacity: Maximum amount of network nodes can be 65535.
  • Active and reactive enegy measurement: active class I and reactive class II according to EN 61036 and EN 61268.
  • Multi-tariff: multiple and time period can be configured.
  • Prepayment: prepayment credit first then energy supplied and acceptable debt.
  • Software online downloading: software online upgraing available.
  • Contractual limit control: built – in – breaker makes power supply cut off available.
  • Load restriction adjustment: contractual maximum power and demand can be adjusted
  • Load profile recording: 35 days of active and reactive load curve can be saved.
  • Quality service data recording: detecting and recording of voltage interruption and variation.
  • Anti-tamper function: detecting of illegal tie-in or unauthorized access to the meter.
  • Weekly and annual tariff plan management: easy tariff setting because of several sets of annual/weekly tariff plans pre-configured.
  • Meter working status diagnosis: giving internal hardware abnormity and reverse phase line connection if any.


This unit can be a repeater/router to other metering points. IT widens the effective range of communication area. It can efficiently adapt to the change of the routing path due to interference or any connection broken in other routers. Furthermore, it can also be configured having the functions in the metering points.


  • Communication management: Managing the network information coming from the whole wireless RF network, connecting with the control center via public telecommunication network and reaching routers or metering points via short distance radio frequency.
  • Node log-in: Storing and managng the featured information from the nodes that are joined into the network.
  • Alarming monitor: it reports abnormaties and exceptions of routers and metering nodes.
  • Energy balance: it provides balance between energy supplied by each MV/LV transformer and the energy delivered to the customers.
  • Load curve collecting: It can be flexibly configured to read load curves of all nodes in the network preiodically or continuosly.
  • Customer data reading: It can be configured to read customer energy data periodically by tself or by request at any time.
  • Node remote control: It transmits control messages coming from control center to the destination node.


This server manages the whole wireless radio frequency network area by controlling the RF concentrators installed in the area. It provides data reading, alarms monitoring, load control and runtime parameter setting, which are WEB service remote invoke interfaces, to the client software in order to be easily linked to the customer system.


The system is suitable to be applied for the area having a large amount of metering points with high density.