Siemens Metering consolidates market position


Siemens Metering consolidates market position

Siemens Metering Limited was created by the merger of the Siemens and Landis & Gyr meters and systems businesses in April 1998. The new company’s objective is to consolidate its activities so as to benefit from the strengths of both companies; to expand business in selected growth regions; and to achieve the Number One or Number Two position in the global marketplace.

The Landis & Gyr Dialog Electricity Meter
A division of Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Group, Siemens Metering has its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. The new company has offices in most countries around the world, with a staff complement of 5 500. Turnover amounts to DM1.2 billion annually.


The company believes its new structure affords maximum opportunity to meet its objectives. The management team consists of Dr Heinrich Hiesinger, an electrical engineer who joined Siemens AG in 1992 and the executive board of Siemens Metering in January 1999; Hans Georg Schlatter, who held various positions at ABB and the Electrowatt Group before joining the board in April 1998; and Robert Sippl, business manager, who has been with Siemens AG since 1958 and on the board of Siemens Metering since April 1998.

Managers who are responsible for the five operationally independent sub-divisions come from both Landis & Gyr and Siemens. These sub-divisions are:

  1. Ferraris, for electromechanical meters
  2. Digital, for electronic meters and additional modules
  3. Ultrasonic, for gas and heat meters
  4. Metering Systems for complete energy management and payment solutions
  5. Business & Consulting Services. 

The management team has decided that Landis & Gyr should be retained as a product name, given the reputation of its products in the marketplace. Indeed, the latest generation of electricity meters is called the Landis & Gyr Dialog. Designed to communicate with equipment and systems from other vendors, Siemens Metering believes that the Dialog meter meets today’s requirements for flexibility and individuality, data transfer and cost reduction.

The product range includes electro-mechanical meters, the new modular electronic series and high precision meters for electricity, gas and heat. Siemens Metering believes that compatibility with its systems and those of other vendors is essential if the company is to provide efficient and cost-saving management of installed meters. 

New meters are developed in close co-operation with customers, as Siemens Metering has found that discussions with users often lead the way to specific improvements to its products. The company is also intensively involved in the development of the DLMS communication standard for meters and metering systems, with the aim of achieving standardised data communication in the foreseeable future.


There is more to Siemens Metering than the provision of various types of meter. The Metering Systems portfolio focuses on identifying complete energy management and payment solutions for customers, on a selective basis. Priority is given to systems that simplify and speed up customers’ business processes.

The sub-division Metering Systems was established to reduce customer expenses, automate procedures and anticipate the needs of industrial and private customers in the new deregulated markets. 

The systems business covers the areas of energy data acquisition and management, tariff and load control and payment systems. Siemens Metering is well aware of the new requirements of liberalised energy markets, such as transparency, customer segmentation, tariff flexibility and automated data processing, and ensures these aspects are well supported, allowing the end customer’s requirements to be integrated with those of the energy supplier in an optimised solution. The systems solutions comprise semi-customised projects with proven components from both Siemens and third parties, including interfaces to existing infrastructure.

The demands of deregulation are also taken into account in the activities of the Business and Consulting Services sub-division, which supports customers by offering innovative business solutions to ensure success in changing market environments. One of the options is for customers to ‘smartsource’ their operation, by outsourcing complementary services which are no longer part of the core business. Siemens Metering is able to strengthen the position of customers who decide to outsource by taking over many of the services that were previously supplied by the utility. One of these is data management; the company believes that deregulation and competition have created an increasing need for supra-regional companies which can act independently of contracting partners to collect and process data.

With its successful record of managing utilities’ installed meter bases and data management, up to and including billing, Siemens Metering believes it is well positioned to be the service partner of choice for utilities coming to terms with a changing environment. 

SIEMENS METERING’S MISSION : We are the leading global supplier of integrated solutions – from metering to securing payment for the supply of electricity, gas, heat and water. Our customer base encompasses distribution and supply utilities, energy traders and industrial and commercial energy customers.

By thoroughly understanding the commercial processes of utilities and by pioneering innovative business solutions, we support our customers in anticipating and responding better to the demands of their customers and to the transformation demands of their industry.

We act as a partner to our customers in their quest for improved process efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.