Energy meters are located in the field continuously recording energy, electrical parameters, tamper and load survey data. Smart 2000 collects these data from the meters using MRI or with modem & telephone line. The data thus collected from various meters are stored and organized in the computer memory. These data may be used for analysis and monitoring with the help Smart 2000 analysis and report tool.

Apart from this Smart 2000 software also provides following features:

  • Performing various other operations called transactions on the meter.
  • Organized storage of meter reading data.
  • Storing Consumer & meter related information.
  • Exporting the meter data in the industry standard common formats (like ASCII, CSV) so data can be used by other software for billing or otherwise.
  • Remote meter reading using dial up telephone line and modem.

SMART 2000 uses an innovative approach whereby user gets complete view of all the meters whose data is downloaded. The meter reading data of each meter is shown with dates of meter reading. The software gives logical view of all meter reading data according to various parameters like consumer number, locations, Reading date etc.

Using SMART 2000 user can see site details & user can apply External Multiplying Factor on all the energy results. All the data available from the meter can be converted into database & spreadsheet format for further analysis & billing purpose. A flexible wizard is being presented to the user for converting various information on a format using which, meter data can be converted to database or spreadsheet.

Secure meter SMART 2000