Smart 2000


Data Analysis and Reporting Tool

  • Highly organised database – simplified viewing of consumers’ previously read meter data
  • Powerful, user-friendly and systematic reports
  • Customisable stationery saving printouts
  • Export data – in user-friendly generic formats
  • Supports most widely used hand-held meter reading instruments
  • Automatic meter reading through telephone line
  • Robust meter data security
  • Supports most widely used hand held meter reading instruments

Meter data collection can be done by battery operated Meter Reading Instruments. The meter reading operation does not require special skills. Just by clicking a read button, the meter can be read. All the information captured by the meter will be transferred during the reading process. The meter reader can also perform special operations if the MRI is equipped by SMART2000 to do so. Special operation can be reconfiguring the meter or resetting the information from the meter. The MRI also synchronizes the meter time with the reference time. Time drift of smaller amount in the meter can be corrected by this routine meter reading process.
Automatic meter reading through telephone line
This is an optional feature. Reading meter via telephone line can be done. In this case, meter as well as the PC should have modems connected with them. The meter can be read in automatic unattended mode by preparing the schedule accordingly. Four meters can be connected on the same telephone line and the modem can be shared. The software keeps a log of the success of the operation. This helps in carrying out surprise checks of the meter condition as well as avoids visiting far off places.
Robust meter data security
If multiple persons use the software, how will the security and data integrity be handled? The system being multi-user, enforces security through effective use of user administration. Each user is assigned rights for different processes. Proper use of the system will help avoid intentional and accidental misuse of the system.