Smart Energy Alliance

Smart Energy Alliance

Smart Energy Alliance continues to work to help utilities leverage emerging technologies and processes to enable demand for flexible grid

Utilities will have the opportunity to connect with members of the Smart Energy Alliance (SEA), Capgemini, Cisco, GE Energy, HP, Intel and Oracle, in the coming months. Here are a few highlighted opportunities. On 28–30 July, Ian Mitton, Worldwide Utilities leader from HP, Matt Laherty, Utility Industry expert of Cisco, and Doug Houseman, Global Utilities Industry expert of Capgemini presented at the Smart Grids Africa conference in Johannesburg. SEA experts discussed how to enable a flexible grid while leveraging renewable sources with emerging technologies and processes On 22-24 September, the SEA will be the Platinum Sponsor of the tenth Metering, Billing/CRM Europe conference, which will be held at RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam. Capgemini Global Energy, Utilities and Chemicals leader Colette Lewiner will be speaking in the opening session of the event. Marc Sauthoff and Max-Christian Lange, Capgemini Consulting Germany, will be speaking on “Smart metering as strategic choice”. Maha Eakambaram, Intel Product Line marketing manager, will present on how WiMAX unlocks the smart grid services roadmap. On 19-20 October at the CIGRÉ Canada Conference in Winnipeg, hear from SEA experts on “The myth and realities of renewable energy”.

Also, the SEA continues to stay closely engaged with IEEE Power & Engineering Society (IEEE PES) and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The SEA continues to collaborate with members of both IEEE PES and EPRI in helping to leverage emerging technologies, which drives long range research and development planning while enabling a reliable, secure, economic, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly grid. Most recently, the SEA is working with EPRI to finalise a white paper on “Agents on the grid” with a look at sensor overlay. This paper is due out at the end of 2008.

The SEA combines deep industry strengths of Capgemini, Cisco Systems, GE Energy, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Oracle to help utilities transform their transmission and distribution operations. The next generation of distribution systems will bring the worlds of IT, communications and energy systems closer together than ever before. Using a flexible, modular framework, the SEA’s open collaboration delivers innovative solutions that leverage deep industry expertise, technology leadership and complimentary capabilities to help customers drive greater productivity and profitability.

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