Smart Energy Canada, February 24-25, 2009, Toronto, ON


The Managing Director of the Ontario Energy Board, Marika Hare, will chair the leaders’ plenary panel at the Smart Energy Canada conference on February 24, next year. This esteemed panel of industry experts and leaders will discuss the dynamics and driving factors of the vision and future of the Canadian energy sector and how it affects the utility of the future. The role of regulatory support, energy efficiency and conservation, new-generation technologies and the customer as part of the solution will outline the roadmap of an environmentally sustainable future.

The panellists will be:

  • David Collie, President and Chief Executive Officer, Burlington Hydro, ON
  • Cara Clairman, Vice President , Sustainable Development, Ontario Power Generation, ON
  • Peter Love, Chief Conservation Officer, Ontario Power Authority, ON
  • Paul Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer, IESO, ON
  • Eli Turk, Vice President, Canadian Electricity Association, ON

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