Smart grid glossary now available


Seoul, Korea — (METERING.COM) — November 27, 2012 – Do you have difficulty keeping up with all the jargon of the smart grid? – if so then the International Smart Grid Action Network’s (ISGAN) Smart Grid Glossary should be in your internet browser’s favorites list.

The ISGAN Glossary was initiated to help build a common vocabulary internationally for understanding smart grid concepts.

The Glossaryutilizes the U.S. Department of Energy’s Open Energy Information (OpenEI) collaborative, wiki-based platform to collect and organize definitions of smart grid concepts from a variety of highquality international sources, and to make them freely accessible to policymakers and the public. Users may also add new definitions or edit existing definitions – but definitions do need to be referenced.

Listings also include links to other databases such as Wikipedia and Reegle, and to related terms in the Glossary.

To date the Glossary contains about 340 terms, via an alphabetical listing.

View the Glossary at