Smart Grid Interoperability Panel – new Governing Board members


New members to the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel Governing Board have been elected for the even numbered stakeholder categories, and will begin their two-year term on January 1, 2011.

These are:
Category 2: Commercial and Industrial Equipment Manufacturers and Automation Vendors: Tariq Samad, Honeywell
Category 4: Electric Transportation Industry Stakeholders: Rich Scholer, Ford Motor Company
Category 6: Electric Utility Companies — Municipal (MUNI): Stephen Muchlinski, Tacoma Public Utilities
Category 8: Electricity and Financial Market Traders (includes Aggregators): Chuck Shih, Edge Holdings LLC
Category 10: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Infrastructure and Service Providers: Matthew Theall, HomeGrid Forum
Category 12: Power Equipment Manufacturers and Vendors: Robby Simpson, General Electric
Category 14: R&D Organizations and Academia: Mladen Kezunovic, Texas A&M University
Category 16: Renewable Power Producers: John Nunneley, SunSpec Alliance
Category 18: Standards and Specification Development Organizations (SDOs): John Caskey, NEMA
Category 20: Testing and Certification Vendors: Rik Drummond, Drummond Group Inc.
Category 22: Venture Capital: Scott Ungerer, EnerTech Capital

The terms of the odd numbered stakeholder categories will expire in December 2011, when elections will be held for new representatives.

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel was established to support the ongoing development of smart grid standards in the United States.