Smart grid Meralco and Silver Spring Networks

National Instruments new PMU smart gridNational Instruments Australia & NZ (NI), which manufactures hardware and software products for computer-based measurement and automation, has brought a new phasor measurement unit (PMU) hardware platform to market for the NI Grid Automation System.

The new PMU application aims to give better insight into grid health, allowing operators to tailor measurement solutions to their specific and evolving needs.

NI’s Grid Automation System is based on the CompactRIO embedded control and acquisition system.

The processing unit runs a version of Linux Real-Time with a fully programmable software application layer that helps blend custom requirements with commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

The new system ships with PMU technology that functions out of the box and meets ANSI Standard C37.118.1a-2014, or as an open LabVIEW software project for customisation.

Customizable measurement technology

Open PMU technology resources are ideal for companies that need to develop a platform quickly while still retaining freedom in both hardware and software design and specifications, NI said in a statement.

National Grid UK has used CompactRIO to design its own custom measurement system for harmonic measurement with the technology being used to measure, collate and analyse power quality on the UK transmission network.

According to Peter Haigh, senior power systems engineer at National Grid UK, the CompactRIO platform solution from NI allows them to deliver what is needed now and what they may need in the future.