Smart grid news: Moxa introduces AMI solution, US water utility hires Clevest


Global industrial networking company Moxa has launched its new advanced solution for smarter grids and better peak load management.

Moxa’s industrial Internet of Things (IoT) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution provides high and low voltage, transparent and non-transparent applications.

The applications feature a wide range of cellular gateways, data concentrator units, and head-end server products with two-way communications – allowing for measurement, analysis, and optimization of energy usage, right down to the level of individual consumer devices, says a company statement.

According to Ryan C.W. Teng, AMI project manager at Moxa: “The smart grid operates in a manner similar to how an accountant manages a financial institution. You first count the money (that’s the meter), and then manage your finances (that’s the substation).

“And the most important aspect of an efficient smart electricity grid is peak load management.”

Moxa’s AMI products are certified by the OpenADR Alliance, which aims to enable utilities to simplify demand response, offer better demand response programmes and enhance peak load management.

This will also assist utilities to meet energy demands in a cost-effective way and help customers maintain greater control over their energy usage.

Albuquerque Water deploys mobile automation solutions

The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority is the largest water utility in New Mexico
The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority is the largest water utility in New Mexico

Meanwhile, in other distribution automation news, the US state of New Mexico, the capital’s Albuquerque Bernalillio County Water Utility Authority has deployed Clevest Solutions’ integrated mobile workforce management solutions for efficient field services, serving its 200,000 customers across the municipality’s water and wastewater operations.

The Canadian provider of mobile workforce automation software and services, including smart grid mobile technology, will also assist Albuquerque Water with inspections, meter exchanges, collections and meter services.

The water authority intends to use the same Clevest systems for its mass meter installations, ongoing meter maintenance and other field service order work.

Charles Parsons, VP Sales North America, at Clevest, said: “They [Albuquerque Water] chose Clevest for their switch from paper-based orders to automated workforce management because our integrated mobile work force management solution will provide operational cost savings, significant improvements in data integrity and improved customer satisfaction.”

Juaquin Zamora, AMI System Specialist, at ABCWUA, added: “Once we decided to eliminate our paper-based service order environment, we conducted a selection process to find an automated solution that would be integrated with our customer information and enterprise asset management systems.

“We selected Clevest mobile work force management system because it is unlimited with respect to the number and types of back-end systems it can integrate with. We estimate that we will eliminate 600,000 unnecessary miles driven each year by improving worker scheduling and optimizing driving routes.”