Smart grid study to take place in Dominican Republic


Aristides Fernandez
Zucco, President, CNE
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic — (METERING.COM) — August 7, 2009 – The Dominican Republic’s regulator Comisión Nacional de Energia (CNE) has signed an agreement with Kema to undertake a protection and coordination study for the country’ national electrical grid system.

The World Bank funded study will assess current protection settings and perform an integrated coordination study using CAPE, a software suite developed by Electrocon International Inc.

A protection and coordination study is aimed at identifying the most effective automation and information technology for transmission and distribution assets – a requirement as electric utilities globally work to coordinate financial decisions and system reliability, and to provide effective protection of the power system against major power failures.

With the formal signing of the contract between secretary of state and CNE president Aristides Fernandez Zucco, and Kema’s director for Latin America Renato Cespedes, the parties also agreed on a program to migrate the current electric model platform to Electrocon’s CAPE and to set and conduct commissioning tests on relays in the field.

CAPE’s graphical network modeling and system simulation supports automatic relay setting, detection of mis-coordinated settings, and event analysis. With more detailed and accurate models, CNE will be able to simulate real life conditions, perform wide-area reviews, and predict protection system performance to ensure proper electric reliability for its customers.

Kema personnel will conduct a comprehensive analysis to implement the most appropriate technical and financial solutions for the island’s new relays.