Smart grid under study in Peru


Lima, Peru and Madrid, Spain — (METERING.COM) — August 30, 2012 – Spanish IT and technology company Indra has completed a strategic smart grid study for Peru, the company has announced.

The study was commissioned by the Supervisory Body of Investments in Energy and Mines (OSINERGMIN), which regulates and supervises companies in the electrical, hydrocarbon and mining sectors.

The plan apparently sets out the conditions of the Peruvian electrical sector in terms of the market, technology and regulations. In addition, it identifies the main lines of action for implementing smart grids, along with smart meter equipment, the integration of distributed generation, demand management, distribution automation and electric vehicles.

The proposed plan of action includes the electric system’s progressive development towards a new smart grids model and includes all the agents in the plan of action’s development, based on identifying pilot projects that allow testing functionalities and technologies prior to the final regulatory development for a large scale rollout, according to Indra.

Opening Peru to smart grids will provide benefits to the current electrical system and the various agents that participate in it, said Indra in a statement. The implementation of distributed generation and demand management will make it possible to reduce power peaks and the requirements of new investments in generation and grids.  Finally, consumers will receive services of improved quality with a grid that has a higher level of monitoring and automation, allowing them to manage their energy consumption more efficiently.