Smart Grids Africa – the smart roadmap for smart energy delivery


With power outages and load shedding making front-page news in Africa and particularly in South Africa, how are utilities going to ensure supply security for the future?

Mark your calendar now to attend Smart Grids Africa and discuss how to modernize the grid for the future.

The challenges threatening industry leaders and consumers alike pertain not only to load but also to an ever ageing infrastructure and security of supply. The African utility of the future requires more than progress – it requires change, and industry experts and utility leaders are looking for the right technologies to change the “dumb grid” to a “smart grid”, making it more efficient and changing the way utilities deliver services.

The Smart Grids Africa conference, taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa from July 28-30, 2008, will educate participants on scenarios, strategies and the potential of the smart grid for Africa.

The event will help African utilities understand the role of the smart grid in sustainability, explore business models, and demonstrate how building the next generation grid can improve overall operational efficiencies for the continent.

If you want your utility to be abreast of the information and technologies available, this event is one you can not afford to miss!

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