28 - 30 October 2011
São Paulo, Brazil

Contact: Alessandra Licati
Tel: +55 11 3214 1300
Email: alessandra.licati@spintelligent.com

Utilities worldwide are embracing a ‘Smart Grid’ vision for the future, leveraging new infrastructure to improve asset management and optimize resource planning.

The purpose of the Smart Grid Latin America conference is to sensitise Latin American utilities, regulators, consultants and vendors to the huge changes taking place globally in utilities’ power delivery and metering markets, and to understand the future impact these changes will have both nationally and within the region.

Smart Grid Latin America will look at the steps that would need to be taken to transition the existing metering and power delivery assets into a next generation system, and the additional benefits that could be realised from this, such as better revenue protection, improved maintenance of the network, optimised resource planning, advanced energy management, etc.