Smart meter project will test multiple pricing options


Smart MeterJoplin, MO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 12, 2006 – Utility software provider Conversant, Inc., creator of the first production-proven, 100% open source Java Customer Information System, has announced that a major mid-Atlantic utility smart metering program has selected Customer Watch, Conversant’s award winning CIS software, for real time meter data management, pricing, billing and customer information management.

The smart meter project will provide residential customers with smart metering and associated equipment that will be used to convey energy consumption and price information to customers to enable them to better manage their monthly energy consumption and electric bills.

This will be one of the first programs to test advanced metering under multiple pricing options. These options will enable customers to control their electricity costs when signaled by their smart thermostats to shift energy use away from high priced periods.

The project is underway and the program is scheduled to launch in early 2007. Stan Royal, Conversant’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are thrilled to be the selected partner to provide this critical functionality for the project. This partnership is further evidence of the best-of-breed flexibility and functionality of our product and our ability to serve emerging needs of utilities as part of larger demand response and meter data management programs.”