Smart Metering Canada – new dates


Smart Energy International magazine presents the 3rd Smart Metering Canada conference in Toronto from February 25 – 27, 2008.

At the conference you will hear new information on smart metering in Canada from the leaders in the field, with proven opportunities to enhance customer service and improve business operations. You will also have the opportunity to view the latest technologies in display areas, and get answers from the principal manufacturers.

Program highlights include:

  • Pre-conference seminar on "Home Area Networks” (HAN). Find out more about this extension of AMI. Hear from the experts how standards and practices are identified to enable information exchange between the utility and consumer networks. Witness first-hand how home entertainment applications will be a more significant driver in the evolution of HAN than energy management and how HANs will lead to a more modern intelligent grid in the future.
  • Separately bookable site visit to a local utility. Details to be confirmed.

There will also be a lot of networking opportunities. Guests, attendees, sponsors and speakers will all be there to do business together.

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