Smart Metering East Coast: Mark your calendar!


In October 2008, Raleigh, NC, will host the East Coast leg of the phenomenally successful Smart Metering series of conferences.

Smart Metering East Coast, taking place October 27-28, is the elite forum for regional metering professionals. Whilst addressing key issues associated with smart metering, energy efficiency and interoperable infrastructure, the conference lends itself to intimate networking opportunities.

Utility structures are already being upgraded and advanced in the pursuit of the ultimate smart grid, with an emphasis on constructing an integrated core system. It is in the midst of the drive towards this vision of an efficient, optimized future that the Smart Metering East Coast conference comes to the fore. The event will deconstruct the multitude of regulatory barriers and operational challenges associated with advanced meter roll out, demand response programs and meeting energy efficiency targets, and by doing so, to clear the path forward for utilities.

By bringing together interstate stakeholders, industry experts and practical insight from local utilities, Smart Metering East Coast will identify the core competencies needed to manage utility resources, reduce energy demand and enhance customer engagement

Against this backdrop, Smart Metering East Coast 2008 will serve to:

  • Discuss the new regulatory frameworks detailing future energy demands.
  • Learn how vendor interoperability will mark the future of the smart grid.
  • Uncover the new standards shaping the metering industry in the region.
  • Explore the synergies between AMI and the smart grid.
  • Hear about the latest developments in communication technology for the smart grid.
  • Attain further insight into the ROI of the solutions and technologies presented.
  • Gain awareness of how AMI can play a key role in energy loss management, predictive maintenance, outage management and improved operational efficiency.
  • Discover the value of metering data and how it can be leveraged.
  • Hear about the strategies to improve customer service through the use of advanced technologies.
  • Get answers from the industry’s principal manufacturers.
  • Find out what new technologies are being deployed by leading technology providers.

For more information or for speaking opportunities, please contact Ryan Matthews