Smart metering in Sweden


Tony Rosten, Deputy
Director General,
Energy Markets
Interview with Tony Rosten, Deputy Director General of Energy Markets Inspectorate, Sweden

What role does the smart meter play in Sweden’s future energy landscape?

First of all, to meet the future challenges of Europe’s 20-20-20 goals. We foresee that this requires a completely different interaction between the customers and electricity production than what we have today. The grid will play a key role in handling scenarios of intermittent production. Metering technology will be one part of the solution. Additionally, there is a need for market development of the retail market and the development of the metering infrastructure is a crucial starting point to support that.

What is the Swedish Energy Inspectorate looking to achieve through metering deployment regulation, legislation and policy?

To set up the basic infrastructure, which is a part of the regulated grids. New regulation for meters and handling of meter values are proposed to the government in order start development and to take advantage of existing technology.

What future considerations must be taken into account when mandating smart metering deployment?

There are a number of considerations. It is all about a sound balance between minimizing the costs for the customers while still being able to influence relevant changes in the market.