Smart metering regulatory policy in Norway


Smart metering regulatory policy in Norway: Interview with Thor Erik Grammeltvedt, Head of the Power Market Section, NVE

By Anthony Pohl, Conference Manager, Smart Metering Scandinavia 2011

On February 18, 2011 Norway’s energy regulator NVE issued a consultation on regulation of the country’s advanced meter system. This interview was conducted on the eve of this policy announcement.

What are the major challenges facing meter deployment in Norway?
The major challenge is to make sure that in the final regulation we get the working functional requirements right. This concerns both the functional requirements and the task for the DSO as the market facilitator.

What is NVE looking to achieve through metering deployment regulation, legislation and policy?
The aim of metering deployment is to facilitate market development. This includes archiving more efficient billing and switching processes and at the same time introducing new services and opportunities for electricity supplier and services providers. As such we hope that the deployment should stimulate a change in the energy market and the emergence of third party players looking to offer energy management solutions, market balancing solutions, and other new services for customers.

What role does the smart meter play in Norway’s future energy landscape?
Smart metering will unlock future services and opportunities by creating new market efficiencies for customers, services companies, and network companies. We look forward to companies exploiting the possibilities of smart meter deployment.

What are the regional and European Union influences on energy policy?
The multi-levels of regulation have a substantial influence on policy. However, the major driver is, in fact, technical advancements. For meters to have a substantial influence it is all about the scale of deployment. Large volume meter deployments are required for Norway’s, Nordreg’s and the European Union goals to be accomplished.
What future considerations must be taken into account when mandating smart metering deployment?
We need to have a clear view of what the roles of the market players are. In Norway, the distribution system operators (DSOs) are the ones making the investment in meter deployment and they must understand the rules and regulations for third party access.

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