Smart Metering Scandinavia – First announcement


It is a pleasure to extend an invitation to one of the new focus events around smart metering, Smart Metering Scandinavia 2008 to be held from February 25-26, 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This seminar will bring together smart metering experts from around the world to one of the world’s most advanced and developed smart metering regions, Scandinavia, in order to identify how to turn smart metering into a customer and service-centric business. Delegates will be able to learn from Scandinavian experience and research, as well as the experiences of other European markets, the USA and Australia. Expertise and strategies will also be drawn from other more customer focused industries. This event will bring delegates up to date with the latest thinking, solutions and benchmarks.

Conference topics will be related to:

  • Challenges and opportunities for smart metering
  • Building a business case for smart metering to improve energy efficiency
  • Customer experiences with demand response programs
  • Cost benefits from smart metering related demand response
  • Creating a customer and service-centric metering business
  • The customer psychology of smart metering needs and behavior
  • Value added services through and around the meter
  • Building service design into metering service
  • Smart metering as a tool for improving corporate image and the image of the industry
  • Customer feedback as a tool for influencing energy efficiency behavior
  • How to get customers involved in demand response schemes
  • Pricing strategies and dynamic pricing to achieve efficient demand response and stronger customer relationships
  • Innovative visual and ergonomic design for smart metering intimacy.

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