Smart Metering West Coast 2008: Smart grid investments for progressive utilities


A growing number of smart grid technology providers are expanding their operations to meet the needs of bourgeoning electric utilities. The green energy market, in which the smart grid constitutes an integral role, has been touted by some as the next technology bubble. Bearing in mind this steady increase in investment numbers, the closing panel discussion at Smart Metering West Coast aims to address the impact of investments on a utility’s customers.

Matt Lecar, from the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund, will be heading up the discussion. With more than 16 years in energy innovation, Lecar brings with him considerable “cleantech” investment knowledge. He will be joined by Wayne Embree, managing partner of Reference Capital Management, a Portland-based firm focused on the development of energy companies in the Northwest. Also on board is Patrick Mazza, research director from the Seattle-based Climate Solutions, who has spent several years improving public understanding of climate change and encouraging clean energy development. And finally, Peter Honebein, managing partner from Customer Performance Group in Nevada, will share his insights on how customer-centric systems can help improve company performance and build firm relationships.
Smart Metering West Coast, August 18 – 19, Seattle, WA.

The combination of smart metering and the intelligent grid is transforming the energy landscape for utilities and their customers, with new ways of measuring and managing supply and use across the grid and into homes and businesses. These pioneering technologies will open the way for improved reliability and enhanced operational efficiency. Meet with interstate stakeholders, national industry experts and local utilities to debate the future of smart metering and the smart grid.

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