Smart Metering West Coast – Call for papers


The 2nd Smart Metering West Coast conference is taking place in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. from August 20-22, 2007.

The West Coast is currently leading the rollout of smart metering in the U.S., as mandated in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Smart metering is set to transform the energy future for utilities and their customers nationwide, with new ways of measuring and managing energy consumption and supply across the grid and into homes and businesses. In preparation utilities, vendors and regulators are working together on innovations to improve service delivery and enhance energy conservation.

For many utilities the deployment of smart metering will be the most significant upgrade yet of their metering infrastructure. California utilities are leading the way with advanced plans and rollout of smart metering for millions of electric and gas customers across the state.

Smart metering is a technology whose time has come – and Smart Metering West Coast is the time to review, with the leaders, its past, present and future development in the West Coast region.

If you would like to present on the program, attend the conference or would like additional information, please contact Teresa Botha,, or phone: 888 559 8017 (US) or +27 21 700 3500 (international).