Participate in one of the many Smart sessions at Metering, Billing/CIS America, at which a key issue will be placed under the spotlight for detailed analysis and interactive discussion.

A chosen selection of high profile professionals from an array of utilities, vendors, consultants and other authorities in the metering field will be seated at roundtables during these breakfast sessions. This will allow the opportunity to communicate directly with one another, and to discuss corresponding issues in an attempt to find solutions to familiar problems. During the session, the session leader will give a presentation, introduce the relevant subject matter and pose a series of scenarios or questions to the audience. Following that, each group is given an allotted time to discuss the issues and to propose solutions. Afterwards, an elected spokesperson from each roundtable will give a short report on his/her group’s debate.

Now in its 9th year, Metering, Billing/CIS America gives participants a unique opportunity to learn, connect, explore and gain the edge in the metering and customer-end technology.

The event will attract approximately 600 industry participants; 100 high-level speakers and 50 exhibitors. The audience includes a cross-section of North American and international electricity, water and gas utilities, who will give strategic and technological insight for advanced/smart metering, AMI, demand response management and customer management for North American utilities.

The Smart sessions are designed specifically for utility professionals to learn from their peers how to approach process improvements, solution integration and vendor partnerships as a means to improve the metering, billing and customer management function, while providing direction for the future. The event also allows for ample opportunities to network and for informal discussion.

2008 sponsors include: San Diego Gas & Electric (host utility), Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric (participating utilities), ista North America, Echelon, Elster, Oracle, Tenderill, Trilliant, Certicom, MeterSmart, and Sensus, and it will feature an exhibition showcasing the latest technologies on offer.

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