Smart Thermostat PCT 501-G


Model Number: PCT 501-G
Product Description: Programmable Communicating Thermostat w/ ZigBee Smart Energy Gateway

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Main Features

  • Thermostat
  • Temperature Remote Control
  • LCD On-Demand Backlight
  • Backup Li-ion battery
  • 7-Day Programming
  • Multiple HOLD Options
  • Multi-System Compatibility
  • Built-In Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Heating & Cooling Indicator
  • Multiple Display Options

Smart Energy Gateway Features

  • ZigBee Connectivity
  • AMI Compatibility
  • Smart Meter Interoperability
  • Remotely Access to Real-Time Energy Data
  • Trans-platform Data Transmission
  • Bridges Personal Smart Devices
  • Historical Data Storage and Exporting

Feature details

Programmable Communicating Thermostat

  • Temperature Remote Control: By operating with a 7” full color LCD portable In-Home Display will allow you to sense and adjust the temperature from anywhere in the home and wirelessly set the schedule;
  • LCD On-Demand Backlight: Easy to read in various lighting conditions;
  • Backup Li-ion battery: Built-in Li-ion battery to maintain the system clock & settings during temporary power outage;
  • 7-Day Programming: Allows separate schedule programming of the home temperature for each day of the week, 4 periods per day, to fit your lifestyle and save energy;
  • Multiple HOLD Options: Allows you to override the program schedule with temporary and permanent hold settings;
  • Multi-System Compatibility: Compatible with heating, cooling, and heat pump systems. (Does NOT work with electric heating) ;
  • Built-In Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Displays current in-home temperature, set temperature, and humidity level;
  • Heating & Cooling Indicator: Clearly indicates whether the heating or cooling system is on;
  • Multiple Display Options: °C or °F temperature, 12 or 24 hour clock

ZigBee Smart Energy Gateway

  • ZigBee Connectivity: In accordance with ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 1.1 (Backwards compatible to 1.0);
  • AMI Compatibility: Interfaces with AMI (Advance Metering Infrastructure) technologies such as Elster, Sensus, Trilliant, Silver Spring and etc.;
  • Smart Meter Interoperability: Fully integrated into HAN (Home Area Network) and retrieves the whole home energy consumption data from the Smart Meter via wireless communication;
  • Remotely Access to Real-Time Energy Data: Gateway allows remotely monitor and manage real-time home energy data through Home Area Network. Energy data is automatically retrieved from smart meters and accessible from anywhere in the home by using a compatible In-Home Display;
  • Historical Data Storage and transfer: The gateway could save minute-to-minute energy data up to 10 years. All incoming data from the connected sensors are getting stored locally in Flash ROM and further transferred via wireless connectivity.

Technical Parameters

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