Livingston, NJ— Revenue protection managers at electric, water and gas utilities can now use a software program to improve the tracking and maintaining of their security seal inventory.  The program also provides important management information about their sealing program.  Called the FasTrack Security Seal Tracking System, this software was developed by the E.J. Brooks Corporation in cooperation with ScanLink Corp.

FasTrack uses bar-code-scanning technology to log security seals as they are entered into inventory.  Because the seals’ type, style, color and serial numbers are logged-in electronically, errors associated with manual entries are eliminated.  Electronic data capturing also facilitates and speeds the inventory logging-in procedure.

FasTrack is used to track security seals as they are disbursed as well as to associate numbered seals with the individual employee to whom they have been dispensed.  This capability not only reveals when supply is dwindling and needs to be replenished, it also helps to identify responsible personnel if a seal is applied incorrectly or found in the wrong geographic location.

Specially designed for use by utilities, FasTrack provides informative management reports including: Seals Received by Type, Color, Serial Number and Date; Seals in Stock by Type, Color and Serial Number and Seals Distributed by Employee, Type, Color, Serial Number and Date.  Custom reports can also be generated.

E.J. Brooks is an international supplier of security seals and locking devices to the utility, transportation, retail and banking industries.  For additional information about the company’s FasTrack Security Seal Tracking System and its other products, contact: E.J. Brooks Company, 8 Microlab Road, Livingston, NJ 07039, Tel: 973-597-2900; Fax: 973-597-2919.  The company’s web site address is and their e-mail address is