SPL Customer Care & Billing


SPL CC&B is a functionally rich, easily upgradeable and highly efficient solution that ensures maximum responsiveness to utilities of all sizes and types. Built-in business process management tools provide the reliability and dependability necessary to ensure precision billing and promote positive utility and end-user customer interactions.

SPL CC&B’s modular architecture and unmatched configurability provide utilities with the means to simply and immediately respond to regulatory and market changes that effect utility rates and pricing. Backed by an unparalleled track record, SPL CC&B is the low risk solution that quickly and efficiently delivers competitive advantage.

SPL target solutions include:

  • Credit and Collections: Speeds debt analysis, collections, severance procedures, write-offs and collection agency referrals.
  • Commercial & Industrial: Enables utilities to tailor their marketing and services to complex, individual Commmerical and Industrial (C&I) customer needs, maximizing customer value and minimizing costs.
  • Rating: Fast, flexible, easy-to-use pricing and rating for virtually any product or service.

Additional functionality includes:

  • Powerful customer information model to handle the full range of customer billing scenarios.
  • Billing for utilities as well as for value-added services.
  • Payment processing.
  • Cashiering.
  • Deposits processing.
  • Budget billing, payment arrangements and payment plans.
  • Field service.
  • Robust and auditable accounting and comprehensive receivables management.
  • Service appointments.
  • Meter and equipment management, including support for meter and device testing.
  • Meter Reading.
  • Support for retail and service contract transfers.
  • Workflow and notification process ease communication with energy clearing houses and multiple suppliers.
  • Seamless exchange of data with third-party applications and components

Adding-on to an existing system allows companies to solve critical problems immediately; undertake a gradual, function-by-function migration to a new system (rather than a ‘big bang’ conversion); and add new services for specific customer groups. Value add modules include:

  • Complex Billing: Multiple time-series data-management functions, allow companies to offer a variety of new products to commercial and industrial customers while easing local load-management and grid-congestion problems.
  • Loans: Combine billing for amortized loans with regular customer charges; Reduce errors in setting up loans; Lower the costs of processing loans and repayments; Ensure immediate, low-cost compliance with new regulatory or corporate loan requirements; Ensure that loans are profitable in competitive markets.
  • Archiving: Speed up response time for online data; Maintain fast and efficient batch processing; Eliminate the excess hardware previously needed to retain historic records in the production database; Improve the accessibility of historic records; Significantly reduce the resources needed to develop and maintain custom archives; Turn archiving into a short, routine process.