SPL enSUMIT Suite of Solutions


SPL WorldGroup is known around the world as the leading provider of Strategic Utility Management (SUM) applications:

  • SPL Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)
  • SPL Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)
  • SPL Outage and Distribution Management (OMS/DMS)
  • SPL Enterprise Asset and Workforce Management (EAM)
  • SPL Business Intelligence (BI)

On its own, each of these proven, industry-leading applications meets utilities’ unique customer and service needs. But meeting utility customers’ and their communities’ growing requirements and expectations in the future will take more than individual applications. It will require packages of applications that work together as a single entity to address business processes across multiple departments. It will require SUM software that moves utilities to a new and higher level of efficiency while also reducing their cost.
SPL has responded to that challenge. We have taken our exceptional SUM applications and joined them into SPL enSUMIT. What does the name enSUMIT mean?

From Integration to Interoperability

enSUMIT is more than just an integrated set of applications that, when prompted, hand off data to each other. enSUMIT means interoperability – applications that work so closely together in real time that, to your staff, they appear as one.
Interoperability dissolves the walls between departments. It lets managers optimize task assignments, reduce operating costs, and avoid duplication without risking lost data or unhappy customers. It gives executives a complete view of every customer, every department, and every transaction. Timely business decisions become a matter of course.
SPL enSUMIT powers the seamless flow of mission-critical business processes across the entire utility. It is optimized to address the functions most critical to your success. Your organization executes flawlessly on its goals and adjusts efficiently to new challenges.