SPL Enterprise Asset & Work Management


When you invest in an EAM/CMMS system, you’re in it for the long haul. A solution provider’s customer service, response to customer input, and commitment to keeping the solution current with market technology are all crucial to you achieving real return on investment, now and well into the future.

What factors sets SPL Enterprise Asset & Work Management apart from competing EAM/CMMS software solutions?

A Partnership You Can Count On:

At SPL, customer success is our number one focus, from implementation through year five, ten and beyond. Knowledgeable, responsive and genuinely committed to a cooperative, flexible project environment, SPL employees take pride in meeting the unique enterprise needs of each client. Our unparalleled implementation record and dedication to ongoing customer success manages risk while optimizing your operation.

Ongoing Commitment to Customer Needs:

From initial conception of SPL EAM through every subsequent enhancement and new release, our goal is to design and deliver an easy-to-use, configurable solution providing outstanding control and flexibility for the customer at all levels within the enterprise.

Direct Exchange of Ideas:

We invite customers to take an active role in facilitating the ongoing evolution of SPL EAM. By working on-site with clients, brainstorming together at SPL user events, and paying close attention to feedback received through our Customer Support group, we stay in tune with how clients actually use our product, what pleases them, and their desired enhancements (often driven by expanded use of SPL EAM within new departments and ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements).

Commitment to State-of-the-Market Standards:

SPL’s commitment to reality-based adoption of new technologies means that we are always developing state-of-the-market solutions—exploring the newest technologies and platforms and choosing only those that are field-proven to deliver superb performance with minimal risk. Emphasizing configurability over customization, SPL EAM delivers flexibility without unnecessary complexity, so product upgrades are quick and easy.

The SPL difference

Every implementation of SPL Enterprise Asset & Work Management is guided by one primary goal: To expertly transform our product into the customer’s solution. Being easy to work with—both as a company and a product—and staying customer-focused are the cornerstones of SPL’s implementation philosophy. We are proud of SPL’s excellent implementation record, and we accord our customers half the credit, because successful implementations are only possible through a team approach that puts the client squarely in the driver’s seat.

At SPL, we believe that each enterprise, or site, facility, and department within your organization is unique, and our goal is to configure SPL EAM to support your business as comprehensively as possible. A SPL implementation team works in tandem with the client’s core team to clearly identify and refine core business processes, define the workflows that facilitate them, and configure SPL EAM to expertly support those best practices.

SPL EAM’s flawless implementation record is the result of intelligently structured implementation procedures designed to ensure success for our customers:

  • Project Initiation and Install
  • Transition
  • Data Migration
  • Standard Application Interfaces
  • Training & Education
  • System Roll-Out
  • Production Cut-Over