SPL Enterprise Tax Management


For decades, tax authorities had only limited choices in acquiring software that met all their jurisdiction’s requirements. They could develop it themselves, or they could hire consultants and associated vendors to develop custom solutions. That worked in the past. But today, these legacy systems are rigid and expensive to maintain. Original developers have retired. As a result, simple changes turn into high-risk, high-cost projects.

The Answer?
SPL Enterprise Tax Management Modules

SPL’s set of software modules helps you reduce the cost of meeting tax agencies’ needs. Our time-tested and proven Enterprise Tax Management modules fit seamlessly into your overall solution design to help you:

  • Capture all revenue owed
  • Help ensure compliance with all applicable regulations – and provide the proof
  • Change rules and processes quickly and easily, as laws and accounting standards change and as regulatory determinations evolve
  • Provide information required – promptly, accurately, and consistently
  • Shorten audit cycles
  • Reduce the costs of collecting revenue

Meet Today’s Needs – that Scale for Tomorrow

Underlying SPL Enterprise Tax Management (ETM) is a solid and proven services-oriented architecture (SOA) based on J2EE standards. That means it’s easy to deploy and easy to integrate, lowering significantly your total cost of ownership.

SPL ETM lets you expand both the number of constituents you can handle and the ways they can contact you. It’s won scalability competitions hands down. No matter how demands grow, SPL ETM grows with you.

Now you can get registration, returns processing, accounting and assessment, case management, collections and revenue accounting—all in one package! SPL has combined the major business functions and tax types of a revenue agency into a single system so you can deal with taxpayers as a single entry.

What’s more, SPL ETM fully integrates with constituent relationship management (CRM). Gone forever are the inflated software and training costs of two separate applications. SPL ETM offers scripting tools to help standardize business and organizational processes. All these drastically reduce user training time and errors.

And SPL offers the back up you need to win and execute on tax agency RFPs:

  • Full documentation
  • Training programs and materials we can offer to your staff or your clients
  • Pre-sales staff that provide sample configurations, demos, and presentations
  • Product experts to respond to any issue
  • Experienced service people that can, as needed, are available to work with you to help ensure high quality, fast implementations

Cost Benefits

SPL ETM modules reduce your costs to develop and test new software. They maximize your ability to address multiple agency needs by handling a variety of revenue sources that includes sales taxes, income taxes, vehicle taxes, royalties, and more.

SPL modules foster low total cost of ownership because:

  • They are designed from the ground up for easy implementation, maintenance, and use
  • Scripting, error and case types are easily defined – without programmer intervention
  • SPL modules upgrade easily and quickly, often over a weekend, while preserving the tailoring and interfaces already in place
  • Staff quickly learns SPL software
  • On-line help, scripts, and Business Process Assistants support your staff through the toughest situations

With ETM modules, agencies improve the quality of taxpayer service without increasing costs. Together, they provide “just enough” CRM. There’s no need to buy, integrate, or maintain two separate packages or functions a taxing authority does not use.

SPL ETM modules reduce agency risk because:

  • The same software has been proven at customer sites around the world
  • The scripts and Business Process Assistants that help staff learn difficult regulations and procedures also help ensure that taxpayers receive consistent treatment and accurate answers to their most complex and difficult questions.
  • The modules meet exacting security standards and audit all transactions
  • The software adapts quickly (it’s configurable), no matter how often or how radically taxes and regulations change
  • It’s scalable to help ensure easy expansion as the taxpayer base grows
  • Built-in case management tracks enforcement. There’s little risk of missing deadlines or failing to follow up.
  • In competitions around the world, SPL ETM modules have ranked #1 among vendor-supplied tax applications in scalability and impressed agencies with their power, reliability, and flexibility.