An innovation in the field of domestic and commercial/industrial metering backed by over a decade of experience in static metering. Sprint offers a unique approach to energy metering systems and data collection with cutting edge of information technology. Sprint provides you with cost effective metering solutions.

The Sprint offers:

  • 3 phase 4 wire measurement for domestic and commercial metering.
  • Current range: 5-30A, 10-60A, 20-100A.
  • Choice of accuracy: Class 1.0 and 2.0.
  • Single vector/two vector/three vector measurement.
  • Time of day metering.
  • Compartment wise tamper logging with date and time stamping for occurrence.
  • Optical communication interface port for electronic reading.
  • Monthly average power factor for reactive power management.
  • Billing and history support for revenue monitoring.
  • Tamper event recording in case of external magnetic influence
  • Phase indicators.
  • Scroll lock.
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