Sprint Dual Register


Lot of infrastructure development is taking place at pace for business complexes as well as for residential buildings/flats. The need of power is continuously increasing due to IT atomization and major price reduction in electronics appliances. In such a scenario, even a small power cut is unbearable in offices as well as in residential campuses. To cater the power cut problems, availability of mains power (power from utilities) is duly supported by privately owned DG sets and has become a sort of necessity.

For power distribution, metering is the only key for revenue. For places where both mains and DG supply are available, you have following metering options:

Metering for mains supply through energy meter and a fixed amount in accordance with the load for DG supply to each connection. Separate energy meters for mains and DG metering.

Another important issue is of DG trip due to over load.

Thus arises the need for a single energy meter for measurement of both applications as well as load control solutions whereby consumer can be disconnected if load exceeds to certain limits.

As a pioneer in identifying and providing innovative metering solutions, Secure Meters has now come up with a state-of-the-art solution to cater the above requirement and launches Sprint meter with dual register measurement feature.

Sprint is supported with two separate registers for active forwarded energy for Grid supply and DG set supply. Metering is switched into corresponding metering register on the basis of pulse input. When main supply fails and DG supply is on, it activates meter’s pulse input through external hardware i.e. via DC battery or step down transformer and metering switches over to DG supply for measurement and vice versa for mains supply.

For load control, the meter monitors last minute average load and generates a pulse output if average load exceeds the set limit for average load. Pulse output signals are fed to the external hardware i.e. power contactor, switch, coil etc. through which supply of the consumer is disconnected. Supply resumes again only if power contactor state is changed manually and load is below the set limits.

This application is suitable to all business complexes, residential flats campuses.