SRWF-1E Series M2M wireless ad hoc network data transmission industry solutions


Product presentation
SRWF-1E Series modules are on Sunray Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for the development of industrial applications IOT wireless ad hoc network communication module uses a unique SUNRAY-zNet ad hoc network technology to support fully transparent data transmission protocol, can adapt to any agreement wireless data transmission requirements. The modules can be configured software settings MANET working in pass through mode or peer-transparent mode, support for Star, Tree, Mesh networks. Each module in the network, not only the terminal nodes, but also with the routing function, which can be realized without any user agreement relay progressively expand the transmission range, extend the communication distance。Module operates in pass-through ad hoc network mode, can automatically networking, routing with automatic identification, automatic network maintenance, automatic calibration and other functions, to ensure network stability, reliable data transmission, especially for multi-node, remote and complex environment communication occasion。Module is also suitable for battery-powered applications, ad hoc network mode power required may be less than 40μA current minimum.

Sunray P5a

Application area

  • Water, electricity, gas, heating automatic meter reading system.
  • Active RFID tags.
  • Municipal Lamps and lighting wireless intelligent control.
  • IOT industrial equipment and instrumentation.
  • Wind turbine condition monitoring.
  • Fairway Buoy and temporary venues outdoor LED display.
  • Wireless crane scale, electronic scale of wireless transmission.
  • Interactive voting, bank queue management system.
  • Car crash, police, rescue system .
  • Building energy consumption monitoring, wireless sensor networks.
  • Household management system.
  • Intelligent transportation data communication.
  • Data Transmission System composed of various sensors.

System composition


Sunray P5b

Main electrical performance and parameters

Sunray P5 T1


Sunray P5c

Main electrical performance and parameters

Sunray P5 T2


Sunray P5d

Main electrical performance and parameters

Sunray P5 T3