STARS – Special Tariff Application & Revenue Software


High fluctuation in demand-supply gap combined with lack of coordination in generating units and beneficiaries has generated the need for better solution to improve grid conditions which turn out to be an incentive & penalty based tariff for bulk energy called ABT (Availability based tariff). This in turn has imposed pressure for a more dynamic and automated energy monitoring system for better control over the generation with respect to system frequency.

STARS (Special Tariff Application and Revenue Software) delivers essential information like real time trends, unscheduled interchange data, predictive alarming and historical data reviews etc. for system monitoring under Availability Based Tariff scenario.

It is custom made software specially designed to cater metering requirements of a generating station. The software integrates with Grid metering system (Apex metering system) and acquires electrical & energy data on real time basis from all the meters connected in network. The data so acquired is presented in a user friendly way while linking with Availability Based Tariff.

STARS offers:

  • Multifunctional user management with selectable role definition.
  • Schedule management.
  • Real time monitoring of meter parameters.
  • Unscheduled interchange in sub demand integration period.
  • Virtual meter management.
  • Historical data views.
  • System anomalies and user defined alarm monitoring.
  • Reporting for UI, incentive and total export.
Secure meter STARS