Webinar recording: Strategise your next move to become a Utilities digital leader


In the 2019 edition of the CGI Client Global Insight report, findings show that enhancing customer experience is high on the agenda for utility executives, thus having a firm grasp of how to integrate and approach (agile) digital strategies has never been more important.

As many Utilities are lagging behind more customer-centric industries such as retail banking, it is important to learn the best practices, technologies and models that can be emulated from those who have been successful.
Retail banking has excelled in customer experience and exploitation of digital channels and Utilities can learn from how they undertook their journey and where they are going next.

As cross-pollination of digitalisation and connectivity is occurring across various sectors, learning from others and effectively engaging and connecting with players outside of Utilities enables participation in these emerging ecosystems. Open banking – providing a roadmap for banks to securely share customer data with apps, competitors, and others  is now at full speed in Europe and starting in Australia. The extension of data sharing to other sectors, in particular the energy sector, is just a step away.Worryingly, this opens new opportunities for banks to enter into the energy market. So, you might be interested to know howopen data has impacted banks.

What you will learn:

  • Where are your Utility peers in the digital transformation journey, their investments, and innovation?
  • Why are they struggling to deliver results from their digital strategies, what to do differently and lessons learned from more advanced industries?
  • How mature your Utility peers are in digital channels and what are successful banks on customer experience doing differently?
  • Drawing from the experience on Open Banking how can open data can impact businesses.

Listen to industry experts from CGI who share the findings and perspectives from CGI’s Client Global Insights* and explore Retail’s Banking’s digital leadership. 


Ana Domingues | Global Utilities Industry Lead | CGI

Jerry Norton | Vice-President, Financial Services | CGI