Strength to strength


The merging of ATL and RAMAR Technology last year has created a powerful combination in automatic meter reading systems. It has also brought significant benefits to both organisations, not least enhancing market position and expanding the product offerings. In the past, RAMAR concentrated on water utilities and ATL on the electricity market. By pooling resources and skilled R&D teams, a host of further opportunities have presented themselves.

Under the new group banner, AT RAMAR Ltd, the individual trading brands are being developed. RAMAR continues to specialise in automatic meter reading solutions via drive-by, walk-by and fixed network systems. And ATL is continuing to develop fixed network customer management solutions using wide area networks.


Since 1995, RAMAR has been focused solely on developing AMR systems and has enjoyed very healthy sales growth year-on-year. Through an established network of European distributors, a strong sub-metering market in the USA and by focusing on low-cost data capture systems, the company has achieved an installed base of over 270,000 meters, with trials and installations in 17 countries worldwide.

RAMAR has developed leading edge, competitively priced meter reading technology, which is simple to use and based on open interfaces. The product portfolio allows utility meters to be read in a variety of ways, through a handheld computer, from a vehicle or across a wireless fixed network. Design and engineering for the product range of TranspondIT, HandTrackIT and ConFigIT (see panel) is undertaken in-house in the UK.


So what are our plans for the future? To continue our success story with increased resources from AT RAMAR Ltd, and to grow the business through the European markets and in the USA by expanding the product offering into the electricity and gas markets. And as technology develops and units become smaller in size, exciting new products are underway, including the development of a sub-miniature radio for full integration into utility meters.

The partnership of ATL and RAMAR Technology has created a world class capability for automatic meter reading, and other partnerships are key to future growth. We are continually looking to share expertise and develop working relationships with reading system providers, software providers and meter manufacturers.

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The RAMAR Product Range
400 series –
Continental Europe
900 series –
North America and Australia.

Device for reading and transmitting data from pulse output or encoded meters.

Handheld radio device for connection to any handheld computer to receive data from TransPondIT. Can be integrated with most existing route management software.

Fast TrackIT
Transportable radio device for connection to a laptop computer. To be used in a vehicle, providing the ability to read up to 25,000 meters per day.

Fixed network designed for submetering and difficult-to-access sites.

Configuration and installation tool.