Sunray M2M wireless communication technology innovation model in the 21st century China’s best business model award


According to the news on date 11th November, Sponsored by one of the companies from the 21st century news group, it is the most influential domestic campaign of Business model selection—The festival of the best business model selection in the 21st century was held ceremoniously in Marriott Beijing Northeast yesterday. Shanghai Sunray was invited to attend this pageant as from nearly enterprises into the review of the enterprise representative. To set up new standard of innovation for Chinese enterprises, it is the aim of this selection.

Shanghai Sunray attended the event, With this purpose perfectly, leading the IOT Industry of short distance wireless communication companies, Shanghai Sunray attended the event, after a preliminary review, After a preliminary examination and  review, Marketing strategy to dominate the utility of the Internet of things, Customer oriented value proposition and a series of unique business model, Shanghai Sunray won the double recognition of the Jury and the business school. In the 21st century China best business model business school referral bonus award

In the 21st century, China’s best business model selection activities carried out since 2005, since the first scientific definition in the enterprise business model concept, connotation of business model analysis framework system, cause the extensive concern of the corporate, investment institutions, academic units. The whole selection process is divided into several parts: Participating companies submit the business case, a preliminary review from jury, Enterprise Representative reply and the jury review. The jury consists of more than twenty well-known business school academics, senior people in the financial media, investment company top.
According to eligible enterprises unique resources and capabilities of customer value propositions, alone good exclusive profit mode and the core team a few dimension indexes for comprehensive evaluation

Through the Internet of things short distance wireless communication technology innovation business model, Shanghai Sunray all can satisfy the business enterprise efficient fast mode of production and people’s demand for convenient and pleasant way of life, the most effective implementation management way of the Internet of things, create Shanghai Sunray alone good competitive advantage in the industry at the same time. And the shortlisted for the best in the 21st century business model selection, once again verify the numerous experts and scholars, investment institutions, well-known media recognition of Shanghai Sunray.

Sunray N1

It is reported, IBM, Intel Cofco, Nokia, China Citic bank, Shenzhen development bank Konka, Hunan TV’s, happy go and for more than 20 domestic and foreign famous enterprises and Shanghai Sunray winning the prize at the same time.

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