Surveillance and raids pay off in India


New Delhi, India — (METERING.COM) — September 18, 2006 – An increase in surveillance of energy consumers’ premises, and in the number of raids being carried out at these premises, has resulted in vastly-improved revenue collected.

For example, one utility doubled the number of raids it was conducting, and saw the billed-for load increase 2.5 times. Similar results are also being reported by other utilities in the capital. It has even happened that billed load has increased without an increase in the number of raids; utilities believe that this is as a result of word of mouth warnings from consumers who have been raided.

Electronic meters are playing a large role in measuring energy delivered versus energy billed for. Other methods include matching active and reactive power, and comparing consumption levels against norms established in other cities. This has proved extremely effective in commercial buildings such as hotels and shopping malls.

Long regarded as a country where theft of energy is particularly rife, India is taking many positive steps to reduce the amount of losses – and thus bring power to more of its people.