Taking the Smart Grid to the next level in Canada


The challenge of creating a greener and, at the same time, sustainable energy sector in Canada through technology will be the main theme at a high-level gathering of Ontario’s top utility professionals in Toronto later this month.  More than 60 experts will address the Smart Energy Canada and Canadian Water Meter Summit conference and exhibition in what the industry regards as Canada’s most important smart energy event, taking place from January 31 to February 2, 2010.  

Smart Energy Canada and the Canadian Water Meter Summit 2010 are aimed at utility professionals, regulators and technology and service providers from Nova Scotia to the Yukon and further abroad to discuss the latest developments, case studies and best practices driving Canada’s smart energy future.

Relevant energy topics, some particularly pertinent to Ontario, which will be unpacked in Toronto later this month include:

  • Building a Smart, Green Energy Future:
    How will Canada meet the challenge of creating a green energy sector?
    Can the Smart Grid deliver on its promise? 
    Is there a roadmap?
    Canada 2020 – what will the energy sector look like?
  • Inside the Smart Home of the future:
    What will the home of the future look like?
    What communication technologies will be electric utility offer?
  • Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles:
    What does the advent of the electric vehicle mean for utilities, and for the evolution of the smart grid?
  • The evolving role of the Ontario Energy Board:
    How is the advent of the smart grid changing the role of the regulator and the challenges it faces?
  • Focus on utility billing and customer service:
    How to harness the power of smart meter data to improve billing operations and customer service.
  • Water Conservation:
    Latest technologies focusing on leak detection and water loss prevention.
  • Regulatory drivers in the North American energy and water market and implications for Canada

Mark Modzelewski, co-founder & Executive Director, Water Innovations Alliance heads up a list of distinguished speakers and panellists, amongst others:

  • David McFadden Q.C., Chair, Ontario Centres of Excellence and Partner, ON
  • Jan Carr, Member of the Board, AESO, and former CEO, Ontario Power Authority, ON
  • Paul Shervill, Conservation Director, Ontario Power Authority, ON
  • Michael Trebilcock, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, ON
  • Eli Turk, Vice President, Canadian Electricity Association, ON

Leading technology and service providers to the utility industry that will be at the event include: Sensus, Canada Post, SmartFlow, Elster, Oracle, Triacta, S&C Electric Canada, Systemgroup and Trilliant.

Canada’s energy industry has positioned itself at the forefront of smart grid and smart metering technology, infrastructure and implementation. However, the country faces several large and growing challenges on the energy front and there is an increasing recognition that government must work together with industry and other stakeholders to address these challenges. While there has been significant focus on addressing supply issues, there are economic, social, health, environmental, and energy security benefits in achieving greater energy efficiency and energy demand management.

On the water side, Canada can no longer rely on the myth of abundant resources, as conservation becomes increasingly imperative, and with it, the need to replace the countries aging infrastructure with smart technologies.

As a pioneer in the industry, driven by conservation protocols and environmental awareness, Canada and particularly the province of Ontario, provide the ideal location in which to host a dynamic and informative event for next generation utilities.

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