TaleXus Vendor Two-way Prepayment System


The ACE TaleXus Vendor two-way multi-resource (gas and electricity) revenue collection system provides efficient revenue collection and enhanced data capture and reporting for both electricity and gas utilities. This system allows meter reading and other data to be exchanged between the utility and the consumer via a smart card. It supports the Gallus 2002 meter for gas and the ACE9000 Payguard attachment for electricity


  • Non-disconnection period
  • Improved cash flow (revenue is collected before energy is used).
  • Collection of any existing debt whilst the consumer remains on supply
  • No need to visit consumers for meter reading or reprogramming of consumer unit
  • Status of consumer is always available (meter reading data includes credit status and debt repayment details if applicable)

Key Features

  • Power limitation which allows consumers to continue to receive an electricity supply even when credit is exhausted
  • Utility can carry out Special Actions to reprogramme the meter without a need to visit the premises
  • Decommissioning of a consumer account without an on-site visit
  • Automatic collection of meter readings on specific dates
Actaris TaleXus