Technology with vision for today’s utilities


By acquiring two world leaders in utility-specific applications – SPL WorldGroup and Lodestar – Oracle today offers the world’s most complete suite of end-to-end information technology solutions for the gas, water, and electric utilities that underpin communities around the world.

Oracle’s revolutionary approach to providing utilities with the applications and expertise they need brings together:

  • Oracle’s ERP, database and infrastructure software:
    • Oracle E-Business Suite and other
    • ERP applications
    • TimesTen and Sleepycat for real time data management
    • Data hubs for customer and product master data management
    • Analytics that provide insight and customer intelligence
    • ContentDB, SpatialDB and RecordsDB for content management
    • Secure Enterprise Search for enterprise-wide search needs
  • Siebel CRM for larger competitive utilities’ call centres, specialised contacts and sales
  • SPL’s utility-specific revenue and operations management applications:
    • Customer Care and Billing
    • Mobile Workforce Management
    • Network Management System
    • Work and Asset Management
    • Business Intelligence
  • Lodestar’s Meter Data Management and competitive energy solutions for the global utility industry.

Stand-alone, each of these products meets utilities’ unique customer and service needs. Together, they enable multi-departmental business processes. The result is an unparalleled set of technologies that address utilities’ most pressing current and emerging issues.

Cross-organisational business processes and best practices are key to addressing today’s complex challenges. Oracle Utilities provides the path via which utilities may:

  • Advance customer care with:
    • Real time 360-degree views of customer information
    • Tools to help customers save time and money
    • The speedy introduction or retirement of products and services, in response to emerging customer needs
  • Enhance revenue and operations management:
    • Avoid revenue leakage across end-to-end transactions
    • Increase the visibility and auditability of key business processes
    • Manage assets strategically
    • Bill for services and collect revenue cost effectively
    • Increase field crew and network efficiency
    • Track and improve performance against goals
    • Achieve competitive advantage with a leading edge infrastructure that helps utilities respond quickly to change
  • Reduce total cost of ownership through access to a single global vendor with:
    • Proven best-in-class utility management solutions
    • Comprehensive, world-class capabilities in applications and technology infrastructure
    • A global 24/7 distribution and support network with 7,000 service personnel
    • 14,000 software developers
    • 19,500 partners.

Today’s utility is beset by urgent issues – environmental concerns, costs, aging workforces, changing markets, regulatory demands and rising stakeholder expectations. Tomorrow those issues will change and intensify.

Oracle Utilities’ flexible, standards-based applications and architecture help utilities innovate. They lead toward coherent technology solutions. Oracle helps utilities keep pace with change without losing focus on the energy, water and waste services fundamental to local and global human and economic welfare.